Our Water Services

North West Alliance offers a unique range of expertise
 for the sustainable management of water resources. We can deliver cost saving initiatives to clients through the synergistic linking of our capabilities in waste, water and energy.

  • Design, build and operations of potable, process water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Servicing and maintenance of all water infrastructure such as water plants, wastewater treatment plants, bore fields, dosing systems and disinfection systems
  • A complete suite of water technologies from filtration, media filtration, high performance clarification, membrane separation, evaporation, crystallisation, sterilization and ion exchange
  • Water treatment chemicals via our HydrexTM range of water treatment chemicals
  • Operational services for water assets owned or located on customer sites
  • Complementary service offerings in waste management, industrial services and energy management.

Our Solutions

Oily Water Treatment – Water and Waste Management

We routinely collect oily waste water
for our customers. In order to reduce costs, we have developed an onsite oily treatment solution that reduces total cost of oily water disposal by 20%. 
Other combined water and waste services include sludge dewatering and operations of oily water plants.

Cooling Tower Management – Water Management & Energy Services

Industrial cooling is one of the most widely used industrial processes, and requires large volumes of water. 
NWA offers efficient water reuse solutions to minimize cooling make-up water, resulting in the lowest cost to industries. 
This includes a complete range of water services, from supplying our HydrexTM range of water treatment chemicals
to providing monthly monitoring and maintenance services. 
Our services are fully compliant with state-based regulations on the control of legionella.

Water Treatment Plant Operations – Multi-skilled team trained across waste, industrial services and water operations

Our waste and industrial service capability consists of a multi-skilled team who
can effectively operate and maintain wastewater treatment assets such as sewage plants.

This service is delivered through a cost effective model that reduces the requirement for specialist teams to be deployed remotely from major centres.

Specialist Cleaning and Servicing – Water Management & Industrial Services

NWA has a range of services to help improve water and wastewater treatment plant performance. This includes chemical cleaning for Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, sewage plants and other water infrastructure.


  • Reduced operating expenditure through tailored solutions
  • Improved operational efficiencies and treatment plant reliability
  • Synergies achieved through both specialised and bundled service capabilities across waste, water and energy
  • Access to a range of highly efficient technologies that can be plugged into existing plants, increasing productivity without any major capital work
  • Advice on better maintenance and operating practices that deliver greater efficiencies
  • Effective risk mitigation across safety, environment and performance to ensure business continuity delivered through our multi-skilled, multi-disciplined team.
  • Client needs
  • Cost
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Stakeholder priorities
  • Operations & maintenance-led solutions
Integrated risk management
  • Safety culture
  • Water technologies and treatment chemicals
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Reliable performance
  • Effective risk management
  • Improved environmental outcomes