Waste Management Services

NWA provides services across the entire waste value chain, from collection of solid and liquid waste types, to treatment and recovery of waste streams and beneficial reuse of resources.


As well as general waste collection, handling and disposal, NWA has expertise in:

  • Solid waste
  • Grease traps, septic pump outs & other 
liquid wastes
  • Hazardous / package waste
  • Road sweeping 
Our first-of-its-kind, DER-licensed Waste Handling and Transfer Station in the Pilbara focusses on sustainability and environmental solutions, including minimisation of long haul transport requirements, and recovery and reuse of waste streams.

Waste streams collected
General waste, food organics, paper and cardboard, commingled recyclables, liquid and hazardous waste, electronic waste (e-waste), clinical and quarantine waste, and confidential product destruction.

Waste bins & containers
NWA provides an extensive range of skip bins, waste bins and containers. Our fleet of local vacuum tankers provide our clients with a timely and cost-effective liquid waste collection. Using locally sourced, job specific equipment and fully trained operators means we can provide supervision and crews when required.

Customer service
NWA employs friendly call centre representatives who are dedicated to providing our customers with an efficient service. Our call centre is based locally in WA.

Waste and environmental reporting
NWA offers monthly waste and recycling contract performance reports that track waste volumes, landfill diversion rates and expenditure, and also report on waste-related Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Community engagement, education and advisory services
NWA provides a range of advisory, training and education services including our ‘Getting Wise About Waste’ educational program.

Our Solutions

Integrated Waste Management – Enhancing sustainability development

NWA offers a tailor-made waste and recycling collection service for a wide range of liquid and solid waste streams. Our on-site waste assessments allow us to identify waste management practices in person, and then introduce a holistic solution to suit day-to-day operational requirements. Our equipment is suitable for a large range of waste volumes, with rearlift, frontlift, bulk bins and compaction systems ideal for commercial clients.

Liquid and Hazardous Waste – Fast, thorough and legislatively compliant solutions

NWA provides integrated hazardous and contaminated waste identification, collection, treatment and disposal services for a range of commercial industries across Australia. We deliver fast, thorough and legislatively compliant solutions, coupled with the extensive knowledge of our highly trained and experienced people.

RecyclePak Resource Recovery Services – Improving recycling and reducing costs

RecyclePak is our commercial recycling system, and provides businesses of all sizes with a flexible waste and recycling solution. Recycling streams available for commercial customers include:

  • Commingled recyclables
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Soft-plastic / shrinkwrap
  • Garden waste
  • Food organics
  • Timber
  • Metals
Recycling Education and Training – Changing behaviours and improving environmental outcomes

‘Getting Wise about Waste’ is our waste and recycling educational program, offering simple, effective and engaging ways to communicate with various stakeholders. The pinnacle of this program is a fully interactive e-learning system titled eduPortal.

GHG Estimator – Helping businesses combat climate change

NWA has a unique Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Estimator to help Australian businesses understand and minimise waste-related GHG emissions. The GHG Estimator provides customers with a waste stream-by-stream breakdown of GHG emissions for existing services, and also demonstrates the positive GHG impacts from diverting waste to resource recovery.



  • Helping customers meet their sustainability goals through our integrated services, advanced systems and educational programs that improve recycling and resource recovery
  • Reduced operating expenditure through solutions that improve the amount
of material recycling generated on customer sites
  • Reduced environmental footprint through minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • Meeting compliance through effective risk mitigation strategies across safety and environment performance
  • Synergies achieved through both specialised and bundled service capabilities across waste, water and energy
  • Client needs
  • Sustainability targets
  • Operational costs
  • Transparency across waste streams
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Environmental focus
  • Integrated approach
  • Service delivery excellence
  • Online reporting and education systems
  • Certifications
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Improved cost and process efficiencies
  • Improved transparency
  • Meeting compliance
Reliable service delivery