Our Industrial Services

NWA uses the safest, most efficient and environmentally sound methods to tackle the challenges facing every aspect of industrial plant and equipment cleaning.


Vacuum Loading
Vessel cleaning, wet and dry product recovery, dust containment, tunnel vacuuming, removal of heavy sludge, drainage and sewer system cleaning, waste management, site material transfer, wet well cleaning, trench cleanouts and emergency response clean-ups.

High Pressure Water
Jetting\Tank cleaning, deep cone tank cleaning, floor cleaning, pipe cleaning, Jacketed Pipe-heater Unit cleaning
(JPU), surface preparation for protective coatings, online precipitation cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning.

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting
Descaling work, surface preparation for protective coatings, concrete demolition and rubber removal.

Road Sweeping
Dust suppression sweeping for roads, subdivisions and car parks.

Abrasive Basting
Surface preparation prior to protective coatings.

Protective Coatings
Industrial and marine protective coating applications.

CCTV Equipment
Blockage identification and pipeline condition inspection.

Complementary Services
Waste, water and energy management.

Waste streams collected
General waste, food organics, paper and cardboard, commingled recyclables, liquid and hazardous waste, electronic waste (e-waste), clinical and quarantine waste, and confidential product destruction.

Waste bins & containers
NWA provides an extensive range of skip bins, waste bins and containers. Our fleet of local vacuum tankers provide our clients with a timely and cost-effective liquid waste collection. Using locally sourced, job specific equipment and fully trained operators means we can provide supervision and crews when required.

Customer service
NWA employs friendly call centre representatives who are dedicated to providing our customers with an efficient service. Our call centre is based locally in WA.

Waste and environmental reporting
NWA offers monthly waste and recycling contract performance reports that track waste volumes, landfill diversion rates and expenditure, and also report on waste-related Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Community engagement, education and advisory services
NWA provides a range of advisory, training and education services including our ‘Getting Wise About Waste’ educational program.

Our Solutions

Integrated Management Services Approach

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide fully integrated management services to industrial facilities using our technologically advanced equipment, and our highly trained staff.

We conduct an extensive assessment of each site in order to develop the most suitable and effective facilities management plan.

Our facilities management services include:

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Building maintenance
  • Integrated waste management
Refractory management
Emergency response
Shutdown management
Industrial plumbing and pipeline services

Case Studies

Beam Sweeper for the Northwest, WA

Our innovative solution for improved dust management resulted in total dust removal from the road, thereby managing the risk of road-generated dust emissions. It also increased productivity – operating capacity increased and the number of kilometres cleaned per unit, per shift increased.

Pipe Cleaning, High Pressure Water Jetting

We improved safety by eliminating manual handling of the high pressure water
hose. We also increased productivity. By enabling in situ cleaning, we were able to apply maximum high pressure water jetting horsepower, with no mechanical damage.

Research & Innovation

Through Veolia, NWA has access
to Australia’s only industrial services company with a dedicated Research and Development team. We strive for continual improvements and innovative solutions for our clients, which not only bring improved cost and productivity efficiencies, but most importantly, provide a safer working environment for our operators.



  • Reduced operating expenditure through tailored solutions
  • Improved operational performance through our integrated industrial services offering
  • Reduced equipment downtime and cost through advanced industrial cleaning techniques and technologies
  • Synergies achieved through both specialised and bundled service capabilities across waste, water and energy
  • Advice on better environmental practices that deliver greater efficiencies
  • Effective risk mitigation across safety, environment and performance to ensure business continuity delivered through our multi-skilled, multi-disciplined team
  • Client needs
  • Cost
  • Continuous improvement
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Stakeholder priorities
  • Integrated Industrial Facilities Management
  • Safety culture
  • Advanced and tailored cleaning technologies
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Minimal equipment downtime
  • Effective risk management
  • Improved environmental outcomes