Together, NWA is a leader in sustainable development, providing environmentally- sound waste and water management solutions, as well as a suite of industrial services.

A values-driven company, we regard social, environmental and economic sustainability as vital to what we do – and how we do it. We also recognise the opportunity we have to positively impact the environment, and provide direct and indirect benefits to our customers and stakeholder groups.

NWA’s branding was developed by Palyku artist, Sally Morgan, and represents the belief that if you look after the Country, the Country will look after you. This belief forms part of our company’s core values. It means we care for the land, the water and the people in a sustainable way.


Our Country is a 100% Aboriginal owned sustainable development advisory. Our Country supports the sustainable development of local and regional communities through facilitation, collaboration and delivering outcomes.

Our Country adopts a place-based approach to our projects. We work with local businesses and organisations to develop and implement projects that support local people to sustainably develop the place in which they live and love.


Veolia is a global environmental solutions company, specialising in water, waste and energy. At the core of Veolia’s business
is providing sustainable solutions via continuous improvement through technical innovation. This positions Veolia as a leader in the management
of natural resources – fighting climate change, reducing emissions and pollution, preserving and developing biodiversity, and improving the health and well-being of the population.


NWA brings together Aboriginal and Western approaches to sustainability, combining the world’s oldest living culture with the technical and operational expertise of a global environmental organisation.

This unique and complementary partnership delivers tremendous value to clients, as well as the regions in which we operate.